Q: Where did the name JMU 4 Kids originate?

A: All 4 members of Joe Urschel's (founder of JMU4Kids) family have the initials JMU.

Q: Please describe the supervision at the pool 

A: We have many lifeguards, some are also Water Safety Instructors. Each Monday all campers are tested by a Water Safety Instructor to see who can be a deep end swimmer. In the shallow end we have a counselor (who frequently is a lifeguard as well) in the water with every 2 non-swimmers if the water is above their chest. The other counselors sit along the edge of the pool serving as extra pairs of eyes. The lifeguards in the water also help our youngest campers learn how to swim.

Q: What should our child bring to camp?

A: A water bottle. A book to read, a lunch (unless itís Friday or youíre buying), a bathing suit and towel (if youíre swimming), sneakers and a good attitude. Aqua shoes are helpful at the pool. Xtreme Camp kids also need to pack long pants and a lightweight long sleeve shirt that will get dirty! Please use a "Sharpie" and put your camper's name on everything.

Q: What should not be brought to camp?

A: Anything like MP3 players, PSP's or camera phones. Also, please leave stuffed animals, action figures and Pokemon cards at home. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Itís helpful if the camperís name is on lunch boxes, towels, swimsuits, hats, coats, etc..

Q: Can my child be in the same group as his/her friend?

A: Unfortunately, due to the complex nature of arranging the groups each week (especially for some of our specialty camps) we are no longer accepting grouping requests. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Q: What are the camp hours?

A: Each camp is from 9AM-4PM with complementary, supervised pre-camp (earliest 7:30 AM ) and post camp (latest 5:30 PM) coverage.

Q: What about supervision on the bus to the pool?

A: We maintain the same ratio of counselors to campers on the bus as

we do elsewhere. Additionally, there is a "trip leaderĒ on the bus who has required Red Cross certifications.

Q: What is the difference between Sports Camp and Sports & Fitness?

A: The "Sports Camp" held at All Saints Academy & St. Sophia is a more recreational version of playing sports. Our "Sports & Fitness Camp" at Saint Gregory's is aimed at the serious young athlete, who not only wants to participate in the major sports, but also want to learn how to train for them. We will include agility, flexibility, quickness, strength & nutrition, as well as injury prevention and treatment. Finally, "Sports & Fitness" will introduce many "lifetime sports" as well.

Q: How do I receive a receipt for payments made?

A: In order to receive a receipt for your camper's child care expenses please email us at: jmu4kids@verizon.net. We ask that you indicate in the subject line that you are requesting a receipt, and include your child(ren)'s name(s) in the body of the email. You will receive your receipt within 24 hours of your request.  

Q: What is your Federal Tax ID #?

A: Our Federal Tax ID # is: 20-2287766


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